Get more of the best money-saving coupons

While effectively organizing all your coupons is important, having more coupons for products you buy all the time may yield even greater savings.

If you find you could always use more of one type of coupon or another - maybe, like us, you use a steady-stream of detergent and paper towels - there are a number of ways to get your hands on them:

Order Additional Coupons

If you've discovered a great coupon, stock up by working with services like these:

  • - clipping service where you can buy additional coupons for a small handling fee (usually $.05-.08 each).

  • The Coupon Master - another coupon service where you can search for coupons by brand name and pay to have them clipped.

  • www.ebay.com - pay sellers to gather coupons, rebate forms, or gift certificates for whatever you need. Simply start with a product search or use the keyword "coupons."

Print Internet Coupons

As manufacturers have started issuing their own electronic coupons, more and more retailers are accepting them without a fuss. Download and print some great ones at:

  • www.afullcup.com - share information about deals and download coupons here.

  • www.coolsavings.com - a fairly established website that offers printable coupons, tips about free products, and forums for sharing of great deals.

  • www.couponcabin.com - a useful source of information about deals and downloadable coupons.

Store Coupons

Before you head out to shop, check to see if the retailer(s) you'll be visiting have their own coupons. Some of the stores that do include:

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