Save More with these Money-Saving Tips

To maximize your savings and reduce the amount of money you have to hand over for your purchases, try and follow these coupon usage recommendations:

  • Plan your shopping trip. Read the weekly sales flyers first, so you know which store has the best prices on different products you buy.

  • Make a list. Note what you need that is on sale or what you use regularly that is extra cheap this week. Try not to buy anything that isn't on sale or for which you don't have a coupon or rebate.

  • Study prices. Know the full retail price of products you buy regularly so you recognize a good price when you see it. Keeping a little notebook is a smart idea.

  • Stock up. When you find a great deal, buy as much as you can if you're sure you'll use before it goes bad.

  • Double dip. Use store and manufacturer coupons together. That means presenting both a Target or Walgreen's coupon, for example, along with a manufacturer coupon for the same item. You'll save twice as much.

  • Buy small. Find the smallest size product, rather than the largest, to reduce your total out-of-pocket expense for each purchase. Trial sizes, when combined with a coupon, generally result in the smallest cost.

  • Watch product pricing. Don't use a coupon on a product if another brand is still cheaper, even without a coupon. Buy the cheapest product, coupon or not.

  • Order the coupons you need. If you spot a great sale and want to stock up, order more coupons from www.thecouponclippers.com or www.couponmaster.com for a small handling fee, which averages between $.05 and $.08 each. It's a smart way to get only the coupons you need.

  • Get the scoop on deals. Hear about upcoming grocery sales and great deals at online retailers from fellow subscribers at www.tryrefundcents.com, where for $6 for 6 months, you can get the inside skinny on how to make the most of your money.

  • Sign up for loyalty cards. Register for store bonus cards or sign up online to receive email alerts regarding upcoming sales. Stores like Big Lots and Bath and Body Works, for example, reward their registered shoppers with extra coupons and savings.

  • Look for rebates. Many grocery stores and pharmacies feature rebate flyers in store displays, entitling you to even greater savings off your purchases if you can find them. Check the beer aisle frequently since beer companies offer some of the best rebate deals, most of which don't even require a beer purchase!

  • Get products free. Watch for "Try Me Free" offers attached to product packaging - especially new products or brands - that enable you to buy the product and mail in your receipt for a full refund.

  • Be sure you're satisfied. Increasingly products offer a money-back guarantee if you're not happy with it. So try it and see if you like it. If you don't, or it doesn't perform as expected, follow the instructions to get all your money back.

The more of these guidelines you can follow consistently, and the more additional saving opportunities you spot, the smaller your grocery bill will be.

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